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Professional, reliable and full-featured CNC editor

With over 80,000 licenses distributed in the past few years CIMCO Edit is the most popular CNC program editor on the market. CIMCO Edit is easy to use and includes powerful features like file compare, NC-Assistant, backplot, solid simulation and DNC capabilities to improve the productivity of CNC programmers. Specialized add-ons are available for viewing Mazatrol files, working with 2D CAD/CAM and 3D machine simulation.

CIMCO Edit provides a comprehensive set of essential editing tools necessary for meeting the demands of modern CNC program editing.

It has no program size limitations and includes CNC code specific options such as line numbering / renumbering, character handling and XYZ range finder. It also features math functions including basic math, rotate, mirror, tool compensation, and translate. CIMCO Edit offers all the functions expected from an editor including drag-and-drop text editing. Best of all CIMCO Edit is completely configurable and is easily adapted to any existing CNC program editing environment.

Powerful features

CIMCO Edit is the editor-of-choice for professional CNC programmers who demand a reliable, full-featured and professional editing and communication tool.

Handling of even the largest CNC programs – fast. Limited only by the amount of memory on your PC.

More power with Add-ons

CIMCO Edit can be made even more powerful with add-ons such as CIMCO NC-Base, CIMCO CNC-Calc or CIMCO Mazatrol Viewer.

Recommended by Mazak CIMCO Mazatrol Viewer is the easiest and most cost effective way to view Mazatrol file at your PC.

Learn more about CIMCO Mazatrol Viewer

Mazatrol Viewer

Recommended by Mazak, CIMCO Mazatrol Viewer for CIMCO Edit is the easiest and most cost effective way to view Mazatrol files at your PC.

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  • Save time – ( Save time by viewing the Mazatrol Program file at your desk instead of on the Mazak Control in the workshop. )
  • Familiar format – ( Display programs in a familiar format to avoid making mistakes.)
  • Quickly verify and review – ( Quickly verify and review program changes with Mazatrol File Compare.)
  • Combine with NC-Base and DNC-Max – ( When combined with NC-Base and DNC-Max you now have a complete system for managing and distributing all your Mazatrol files with one integrated solution.)

Version Comparison

CIMCO Edit comes in two versions. CIMCO Edit Professional is the popular solution most widely selected by our customers, but if you do not need the full-featured version you may choose our CIMCO Edit Standard. This solution, for example combined with a DNC Link add-on, is often the choice of customers, who need only basic editing features and straight-forward transmission of files to a few machines.

Main differences between Standard and Professional

Open multiple programsYY
File CompareYY
Add/remove block numbersYY
Add/remove spacesYY
Add/remove block skipsYY
Add/remove stringsYY
Change to uppercaseYY
Remove empty linesYY
Remove commentsYY
Adjust spindle speed and feed rate Y
Simple math functions Y
Rotate, Mirror,Translate Y
Toolpath statistics Y
Make tool list Y
NC Assistant Y
Macros Y
Multi-Channel Editing/Viewing Y
Backplotter Y
Heidenhain/ISO Converter Y
DNC Ports Standard serial protocolOptionalOptional
Mazatrol Viewer Add-On AvailableOptionalOptional
CNC-Calc Add-On AvailableOptionalOptional
NC-Base Add-On AvailableOptionalOptional


Below you can read or download all the documentation related to CIMCO Edit, including user guides and brochures. Click on a language to expand the list of available documentation for that language.

Please see our Online Documentation for the latest user guides.